Waldo Community Action Partners (WCAP) is a poverty-focused non-profit with its central office space overlooking beautiful Penobscot Bay. We seek motivated, resourceful, dedicated individuals to bring their knowledge, expertise, and fresh ideas to our rapidly growing organization on our Board of Directors. With more than 55 years under our belt, we are dedicated to the many different services we provide to Waldo County and beyond.
Since WCAP services focus primarily on families and individuals with low incomes, as a Community Action Agency (CAA), WCAP makes sure that at least 1/3 of its Board of Directors are democratically selected representatives of low-income individuals and families who reside in the geographic area being served by our organization. Every three years, WCAP holds a new Low-Income Sector Election, inviting any and all individuals who would like to join us in our mission of “Building strong families and communities by empowering people to achieve economic independence and self-reliance” as a voice for individuals and families with low incomes.
WCAP Board of Directors members have a strong voice in agency governance and direction and are able to convey to those they represent the presence and significance of community action in their lives.
If you or someone you know is interested in joining WCAP’s Board of Directors as one of its Low-Income Sector representatives, we encourage you to complete this nomination form. There will be 5 open seats, joining 12 other individuals in our Board’s Public and Private Sectors to govern our organization. The 6th sector seat will go to the Chair of the WCAP Early Childhood Policy Council.
The 5 individuals who complete this nomination form and receive the most votes when the voting period opens will receive a seat on the WCAP Board of Directors for a 3-year term on the Low-Income Sector of our Board of Directors. Voting will be completed by individuals served by WCAP, whose incomes have been verified as low according to the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Interested persons should complete the Nomination Form, by clicking the following link: