Dear Valued Community Member,

When Kelsey fled from a bad situation with her baby, she came back to the familiarity of Belfast where she grew up. She was destitute, living in her car, and sleeping in parking lots with a knife in her hand for protection – if she could sleep at all. Kelsey felt hopeless, scared, and a lot of the time, hungry. The upcoming holidays were the farthest thing from her mind, as she was often wondering when she might even eat again. Hope did come to Kelsey, though. The Heroes 4 Hunger project made it possible for Kelsey to experience a taste of normalcy with her children, preparing and enjoying a traditional holiday meal together. And that seed of hope changed her trajectory completely.

The meals that Heroes 4 Hunger provides at the holidays embody the spirit of our regional communities and offer something far more valuable than the turkey and fixings contained in the boxes our volunteers deliver. Kelsey’s story is only one of many in which vulnerable individuals and families living in Waldo County struggle to meet even their most basic needs. Just a small rise in cost of one necessity can cause overwhelming barriers for people.

Last year, you and the community provided 4,238 holiday meals for Waldo County residents. 

The holidays are the perfect time to come together as a community to give our neighbors facing these situations a nourishing meal and a sense of belonging. The request for holiday food boxes increased again this year, but with your help and support, we know we can rise to meet the growing need.

For Kelsey, and many others, the kindness experienced through a warm meal at a special time of the year offered hope that she was not alone and that someone cared. That is what the Heroes 4 Hunger project offers, and we invite you to join us in spreading joy, and hope, this holiday season.

Please donate today and help put a holiday meal on the table of a family who might otherwise go without.

Every gift makes a difference.

Learning what it means to be part of a community begins at a young age. We encourage participation from all ages. Click image to Donate.

The Heroes 4 Hunger project runs solely on donations from our community and the generosity of our volunteers. Click image to Donate.

Students from Islesboro in 2022 joined WCAP team members for hands-on lessons in community and caring as volunteers packing holiday food boxes for deliveries. Islesboro students return in 2023. Click image to Donate.