Volunteers Needed for WCAP Heroes 4 Hunger Holiday Food Box Projects!

November 9th, 2018

It’s that time of year again! Waldo Community Action Partners’ Heroes 4 Hunger program has been hard at work planning and fundraising for one of Waldo County’s largest annual collaborative efforts— its Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Box Projects.

Soon, the Troy A. Howard Middle School gymnasium in Belfast will be filled with enough food to feed nearly 1,000 households in Waldo County for Thanksgiving. WCAP Heroes 4 Hunger invites you and your family, friends, and neighbors to join them again this year in bringing a little added cheer to the community this holiday season. It takes over 250 volunteers to help pack and deliver the 36 tons of food that the project brings to the community each year.

The date of the Thanksgiving food box assembly is November 17th, 2018 at Troy A. Howard Middle School in Belfast at 6 a.m. The Christmas food box assembly will be December 15th, 2018 at 6 a.m. at the Belfast Armory.

The food for this project is supported 100% by the donations of those in the community. The project would not happen without these donations. If you would like to sponsor a family for the holidays, a gift of only $25 will buy a box of food with a turkey and enough fixings to feed a large household. In a store, the equivalent would cost a family almost $40—money that could be put toward fuel or other critical end-of-year needs. All donations are put entirely toward food to fill the boxes.

Donations can be sent to WCAP Heroes 4 Hunger Thanksgiving Food Box Project, P.O. Box 130, Belfast, ME 04915 or dropped off to Suite 201 at the Belfast Center in Belfast on 9 Field Street. Donations may also be made online at www.waldocap.org. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Amanda Simmons at 338-6809 ext. 119 or asimmons@waldocap.org.

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FREE School Supply Giveaway

July 18th, 2018

Waldo Community Action Partners wants to make sure your child kicks off the school year ready to learn! School supplies will be available FREE of charge to Waldo County eligible families on Saturday, August 11, 2018. Please call (207) 338-6809 to set up an appointment. You will need to bring your child’s MaineCare or WIC folder to the appointment for proof of income.

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Maine Biomass Exports, Inc. pledges 10 months of donations to WCAP Heroes 4 Hunger program

July 7th, 2017


Mark House, Vice President of Production at Maine Biomass Exports, Inc. has pledged $100 a month for 10 months to WCAP’s Heroes 4 Hunger program to assist with the program’s mission to address food insecurity and obesity in Waldo County.


Heroes 4 Hunger, a program of Waldo Community Action Partners, aims to address food insecurity and obesity in Waldo County. The program uses a grassroots approach to deliver its services through strong community partnerships with local businesses, civic groups, municipalities, and families.


Each year, Heroes 4 Hunger must raise $65,000 in local donations to distribute 2,000 boxes of food to families in need during the Fall and Winter months. 100% of the funds received go toward food to fill the boxes. All 26 towns in Waldo County are served, including the island of Islesboro. The food, totaling 36 tons in weight, consists of turkey, vegetables, fruit, grain, and dairy sourced wholesale from local grocery stores.


The program gets its name “Heroes 4 Hunger” from the community volunteers and municipal emergency responders such as firemen and ambulance workers who come together to help pack and deliver the boxes twice a year. “They’re the real muscle behind our food box project,” says Heroes 4 Hunger program coordinator Tabitha Lowe. “You would never believe how many people are willing to show up at 6 a.m. on a Saturday to make it happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s icy, snowing, or below 0 temperatures. They’re fearless and they’re infinitely caring about the community we live in.” Approximately 250-300 people show up to volunteer each year.


In the summer months, Heroes 4 Hunger provides nutrition education to parents of preschool children. They are able to take part in gardening, grocery budgeting, and cooking classes free of charge. Additionally, Heroes 4 Hunger runs a food backpack program for at-risk children age 0-5. Children are sent home with nutritional food and simple recipe cards to help their families during the weekend, when children are less likely to be receiving adequate nutrition, such as that which is provided by their Head Start center during the week.


Maine Biomass Export, Inc.’s pledge will total $1,000 at the end of the 10 month period and will be enough to purchase 1,568 pounds of food for 40 Waldo County families. To learn more about how you can help, contact WCAP Community Projects Director, Tabitha Lowe, at (207) 338-6809 ext. 115 or e-mail tlowe@waldocap.org.


Photo Caption: Aaron Pilotte (left) Vice President of Operations and COO of Maine Biomass Exports, Inc. presents WCAP Executive Director Keith Small (right) with the first of 10 donations set to occur over the next 10 months.

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Prom dress giveaways set for Belfast and Gardiner

April 14th, 2017

The Cinderella Project of Maine is proud to announce that it will be holding prom dress giveaways in both Belfast and Gardiner again this year.

The Gardiner giveaway will be on Saturday, April 15 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Gardiner Area High School in Gardiner.

The Belfast giveaway will be on Saturday, April 22 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Renys Plaza in Belfast.

Gowns are free to all Maine high school students in need of a dress for prom with one stipulation – that they promise to pay the favor forward in some way by doing something nice for someone else in their community.

If you or someone would like to donate a dress to the Cinderella Project of Maine, it’s not too late. Dresses are accepted all the way up until the day of the last giveaway. Dress donations are accepted at any Day’s Jewelers store in the State of Maine. For additional dress drop off locations, visit www.cinderellaprojectofmaine.org/donations.

For more information, contact Tabitha Lowe at 338-6809 or visit The Cinderella Project of Maine at www.cinderellaprojectofmaine.org or on Facebook. The Cinderella Project of Maine is a project of Waldo Community Actions Partners, a private 501(c)(3) non-profit located in Belfast, Maine. Your donations are tax deductible.

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Cinderella Project of Maine sends a little warmth to Alaska

June 3rd, 2015

What does it mean to pay it forward?
At every Cinderella Project of Maine giveaway, they ask each girl who receives a dress to pay the favor forward by volunteering or doing something nice for someone else. Sometimes, even the simplest acts of kindness can end up meaning the world to someone. This year, to demonstrate the impact of paying it forward, WCAP’s Cinderella Project of Maine decided to take on a pay it forward project of their own, with the help of a few high school girls and some dedicated Cinderella Project fairy godmothers.
They learned about a group of girls in Venetie, Alaska (220 miles north of Fairbanks in the Arctic Circle) who when asked what they wanted more than anything, said a prom. None of them had ever had a prom before and when we asked if they were low-income, WCAP staff received an amused chuckle and were informed that most of the village makes a living by hunting and gathering.
Since Alaska is outside of the Cinderella Project of Maine’s service area, they knew they wouldn’t be able to help directly. However, they did know a large group of great Maine high school girls who promised to pay it forward who probably could and they did.
To find out just how much these dresses ended up meaning to the teens of Venetie (with a total population of 163 according to the U.S. Census Bureau), check out the Bangor Daily news article linked below. The article features a blog that was written by a former Islesboro, Maine resident named Keely, who blogs her experience as a teacher in Venetie and explains what it’s like to live there, away from her parents who live in Belfast, Maine. Her parents and their neighbors also helped to make this happen, which just goes to show what awesome things can happen when everyone gets together to help.

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Win a chance to become the Cinderella Project of Maine’s first ever Cinderella for a day!

March 23rd, 2012

We’re excited to announce our first annual “Cinderella For A Day” drawing, to be held in conjunction with the 7th annual Cinderella Project Dress Giveaway on April 7, 2012!

This year, the name of a lucky girl from Waldo County will receive the royal treatment on prom day, including:

  • A free prom gown from the Cinderella Project of Maine
  • A hair up-do and makeup application by Makin’ Waves Salon
  • A Caribbean Glow spray tan from ME Hair Studio
  • Gel manicure and brow wax from Lisa Nichols Salon
  • A corsage and boutonniere from Holmes Greenhouse
  • Dinner for two at La Vida in Belfast

All of these local businesses have donated their services to help make one girl’s prom dreams come true!


In order to be eligible for the drawing, girls must receive a dress from the Cinderella Project this year and must attend a high school in Waldo County. Girls will be able to sign up for the raffle at the 2012 Cinderella Project of Maine giveaway on April 7th.


The Cinderella Project is an initiative of Waldo Community Action Partners, and strives to promote positive self-image among Maine high school girls. Gowns will be given away to any girl in need. They are all totally free with one stipulation, that girls must “pay it forward” and do a good deed for someone else.


For more information, visit www.cinderellaprojectofmaine.org!

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Cinderella Project of Maine Launches New Website!

March 12th, 2012

The Cinderella Project of Maine, an initiative of Waldo Community Action Partners, has just launched a brand new website to kick off their 2012prom dress giveaway season!


The Cinderella Project of Maine developed out of something girls have been doing since they began wearing dresses to formal events. Girls want so much to look and feel beautiful on the one day of their high school prom–but do you know how much it costs? With new dresses, shoes and accessories (not to mention hair and makeup) averaging around $400-$500, this is not something that most girls can afford. So what’s their option– to not go at all?


No, because where there’s a wand–there’s a way.


In 2006, Mandie Sawyer met with two other women in Belfast, Jessica Jones and Martha Bjelland, who were trying to get this project off the ground. They recruited Amy Boucher and started soliciting dresses from everyone they knew. That first year, they had more volunteers than shoppers, but they still gave away 13 dresses. The next year in 2007, Jessica and Martha moved on from the project, so Amy and Mandie worked on recruiting new fairy godmothers to keep the Cinderella Project alive.


By 2009, Waldo Community Action Partners took on the project as one of its initiatives and the project grew to give away over 100 dresses each year to girls all over the state. This year’s giveaway will be held at the old Waltz Pharmacy in Renys Plaza in Belfast April 7, from 9am – 4pm.


To see their new website and to learn how you can help or be involved, visit www.cinderellaprojectofmaine.org.

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The Cinderella Project: Wishing on a Star!

February 1st, 2011

Voting for Bangor Savings Bank’s Community Matters More initiative has officially begun. What does that have to do with WCAP? Well, the Cinderella Project has been handed a little glass slipper—we’ve been nominated this year to participate for a chance to win $5,000. Last year, Bangor Savings Bank received over 85,000 votes from Mainers of all ages voting for the non-profit organization that they felt the most deserving of the prize money.

For those of you wondering what Community Matters More is, here’s how it works—6 non-profits from each of the 8 regions in Maine are nominated to be placed on the ballot. The non-profit from each of the 8 regions that receives the most votes will win $5,000. The best part? Just for getting on the ballot, Bangor Savings Bank gives each non-profit $1,000. Voting this year began January 24th and will close March 7th at midnight—how appropriate for a program called the Cinderella Project! Make sure to stop by a Bangor Savings Bank branch or visit WCAP’s administrative office to pick up a ballot to vote, or vote online at www.bangor.com/cmm!

Why vote for the Cinderella Project? The Cinderella Project is funded solely by community donations and aims to boost the self-esteem and confidence of high school girls all over Maine by providing them with free and fabulous prom gowns, with the promise that they will pay the favor forward by doing something for someone else. Over the last few years, the Cinderella Project has given away hundreds of dresses to girls from dozens of Maine schools. Help us continue to instill a sense of inner and outer beauty in Maine’s young women. Where there’s a wand, there’s a way!


“This has been an amazing journey for me…as a teacher and as an individual!”
– Kelly Dombek Horton, Teacher

“Thank you to everyone who made my daughter feel like a princess today. When she couldn’t find anything that fit and was about in tears and ready to give up the volunteers came to the rescue finding many dresses to try on and found one that fit her just right. Thank you so much.”
– Jody Vigeant, Mom

“Congratulations…what a success this year! It brings tears to my eyes and I’m so happy that I got to be involved a few years ago when it was just a ‘little’ project.”
– Kris Foster Dean, Volunteer

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The Holiday Basket Project Needs Your Help!

October 28th, 2010

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9 Field Street, P.O. Box 130
Belfast, Maine 04915
Phone: (207) 338-6809