Maine winters are tough but they’re especially tough for those who struggle with home heating costs. According to the Governor’s Energy Office, the estimated yearly cost to heat an average-sized well-insulated Maine home with fuel oil #2 was $3,317 in 2018. In order for a family of 4 to be eligible for fuel assistance in 2018, they would have had to make only $31,375 per year or less. This year, things are heating up for families who may have been just outside the income limitations last year.


Maine State Housing Authority, who oversees Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) funds in Maine, announced this summer that they will raise the program’s income guidelines this year, making it possible for more families to qualify for home heating assistance. The new income guidelines can be found by clicking here. Eligibility is based on 3 or 12 month (whichever you choose) gross income history from all sources in the household. Keep in mind that there are many factors that go in to finding out if you are eligible, including adjustments to your income that are made during the application process. So, apply even if you are over income the limits, as you may find during the application process that you still qualify.


Waldo County residents can apply through Waldo Community Action Partners by scheduling an appointment. You can also apply over the phone. Appointments can be made by calling (207) 338-3025 on or after September 3.