Waldo Community Action Partners (WCAP) Early Childhood Program will partner with RSU 71 for the upcoming school year to provide multiple pre-k classrooms in Waldo County.

Following the recent closure of a local nonprofit, WCAP and RSU 71 entered into partnership agreement to preserve early childhood education services in the community. There will be four classrooms; two located at East Belfast Elementary School and two located at Gladys Weymouth Elementary School in Morrill. The classrooms will blend public school and Head Start services to ensure an efficient delivery of programming for all families.

In addition to public pre-k services through collaborations with RSU 3, RSU 20, and RSU 22, WCAP’s Early Childhood Program has been providing Head Start and Early Head Start services in Waldo County since 1965. Head Start promotes the school readiness of children under 5 through education, health, social and other services. WCAP is actively accepting applications for both public pre-k and Head Start classrooms throughout Waldo County at this time.

Families who are interested in enrolling their child in pre-k or Head Start should reach out to WCAP at 338-3827 or they can complete the first application step on WCAP’s website at https://waldocap.org/?page_id=27.

Waldo Community Action Partners is a charitable, educational, private non-profit organization located in Belfast, Maine. It is designed to utilize and mobilize public and private resources to assist low-income Waldo County residents in the alleviation of poverty and address its underlying causes. WCAP’s mission is “building strong families and communities by empowering people to achieve economic independence and self-reliance”. For more information, visit www.waldocap.org or call (207) 338-6809.