Thinking about buying a home? Know before you buy! Registration for WCAP’s First Time Homebuyers classes scheduled for March 3 & 4, 2018 and April 7 & 8, 2018 are both now open.

  • Understand all the steps in the home buying process
  • Learn about all the costs involved
  • Set goals and prepare for homeownership
  • Avoid being scammed or taken advantage of
  • Protect and grow your investment

About Our Courses
Live classes are 10 hours in length, divided into two weekend day sessions. Classes allow students to earn a certificate to present to a bank or other lender that can help qualify for certain first-time homebuyer rates and programs. All courses are designed to help students get all the questions answered without feeling obligated to buy a home or work with a particular professional.

Homebuyer education classes follow the State of Maine “HoMEworks” curricula. These classes allow students to gain the knowledge necessary to take charge of the project of home buying by describing the processes involved, the rights and obligations of both the buyer and any agents involved, reviewing the type of financial options available, and discussion of the pitfalls to avoid. These classes are currently recommended by most lenders as part of the lending process and also open the door to financial assistance on certain mortgage products. These classes are recommended as a starting point for anyone planning to buy a home.


For more information or to register, click here and look under the “Classes” tab.