Maine Community Action Association (MCAA) and several Maine Community Action Agencies, including WCAP, have agreed to work in partnership with Maine DHHS to make their new online benefits portal available to those in need. The benefits portal, known as “My Maine Connection” went live in September of 2011 and has been dubbed “your resource for independence” by DHHS. The portal, which allows individuals to go online to apply for TANF (food supplements/food stamps), health care, cash assistance, and childcare, is a one stop shop for many low-income needs. Those who aren’t able to access My Maine Connection from home, whether it be because they don’t have a computer with internet or don’t know how, are able to come to Waldo Community Action Partners to use our computers and receive help. There will always be a staff member available to those who need assistance. After submitting an application, a DHHS caseworker will call the individual who submitted the application to review their eligibility and follow up with their application. DHHS planned to roll-out its recertification tool to make reapplying simple by January 2012.


To access My Maine Connection, individuals simply type in the web address: to be directed to the start page, which is pictured below. You may notice that there is a prescreen option. The prescreen option allows individuals to see what benefits they qualify for, including WIC and the Earned Income Tax Credit. Make sure to tell your clients about this new program! Anyone requesting help with applying at WCAP can talk to Tabitha or Dallas to schedule an appointment, by calling 338-6809 and asking about My Maine Connection.