The WCAP Housing department would like to spotlight a group of Waldo County residents who have started a Belfast Community Build window dresser project. The project works with other residents to build insulating window inserts to help keep the heat inside and lower heating costs by nearly 25%.
Window dressers insulating window inserts are custom-built wood frames wrapped in clear drum-tight polyolefin film. They are reusable year after year and cost only $2 per square foot. The cost of the window dressers is recovered in savings in the first year.
The project sends a team to your home to measure your windows for inserts and places your order. Payment is requested when you place your order. Special lower income pricing is available. You can also help by volunteering to make the inserts in the fall at the community build.
Window dressers is a community non-profit staffed by local volunteers helping to keep you warm while lowering your fuel bills. Interested parties should call to have their windows measured this spring. Project volunteers can be reached at (207) 596-3073 or by e-mail at